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Heating Tube Routing, Fastening and Mounting Accessories

90° Metal Tube Bend Support

90° Plastic Tube Bend Support with Nail Tab

Heavy Duty Tube Holding Pin

Large Diameter Tube Holding Pin

90° Plastic Tube Bend Support

Plastic Tube Mounting Rail for PE-RT & PEX Tube

Tube Protection Sleeve for PE-RT & PEX Tube

Plastic Tube Track

Plastic Duo Tube Track

Plastic Tube Staples for ST-100 Upright Tube Stapler

Extruded Aluminum Duo Heat Transfer Plate

SnappRAIL Clip Tube Holder (5/8” Tubing)

SnappRAIL Clip Adapter

Tube Clip for SnappRAIL Tube Mounting System

Upright Tube Stapler